n + n Corsino

Between the lines - interactive choreographic navigations

14th September > 30th October 2015

Between the lines is based on texts by Han Yu-joo and Claudine Galea, treated like a graphic novel in which words, images and sounds form mutual hybrids in an interactive narrative process and create the imaginary construction of gestures and body movements.
A series of choreographic sequences play on these concepts and use this motif as their basis. They will be related in a signature of movement – the movement that of the bodies and that of the writings – with the elements of the calligraphed texts in Korean, and will include the development of specific technological tools.
This creation involves Korean and French artists . It will be in the form of interactive installations. Scenographic lighting will create relations between the image systems and thearchitecture of the exhibition venue.

Credits titles:
choreography, concept: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
Korean artists:

text: Han Yu-Joo
calligraphy: Park Mihwi
dance: Kim Bo Ra, Kim Jae Duk
music: 4 percussionists (Samulnori)
French artists:
text: Claudine Galea
2D, 3D scenographic design: Nicolas Ballu
computer graphics & development: Anaël Seghezzi
sound design: Jacques Diennet
photographic direction: Massimo Gardone
Korean partners of the project
: Songdo City IFEZ, Korean Cultural Office
French partners of the project: Danse 34, Productions, City of Marseille, Institut Français, Editions De Crescenzo