Choreographers and researchers


Nicole Corsino & Norbert Corsino are choreographers and researchers. Interested in the kinetics of bodies and landscapes, Nicole & Norbert Corsino explore areas where dance can appear suddenly and be written to show how the movement of bodies modifies them. They change dance performance spaces to show their choreographic fictions in the form of films and installations, particularly with the series of seven fictions on seaports, called Circumnavigation.

With 211 jours après le printemps [211 days after the beginning of spring], n + n Corsino propose a new vision of their work, in which image, sound, and soon text will combine in original new sensorial navigations. In 1996, their work Traversées [Crossings] was commissioned by the French State. Winners of the Villa Médicis hors les murs extramural prize (1994) for research into the Life Forms choreographic composition software, n + n Corsino created the film Totempol in Vancouver, in which they hybridize real-life dancers with digital dancers. This was the prelude to 3D and to the cloned performers of Captives 2nd movement (2000). Their research exploits the possibilities for virtual dance performance through the unique use of the new forms of technology. After Topologies de l’instant [Topologies of the instant] (2001) and the recent Amorces intimes [Intimate Beginnings], Seule avec loup [Alone with Wolf] – a 3D interactive choreographic navigation created in collaboration with IRCAM, Arsnumerica and IRISA – features the WFS (Wave Field Synthesis) sound system. Research and development of this project are supported by RIAM (Audiovisual & Multimedia Research & Innovation Network).

soi moi [self as me],  choreographic navigation, was created for the iPhone (2009).
Their works, a series of installations, have been presented in international tours, notably in Shanghai, Canton, Hong Kong and Moscow.
Nicole Corsino & Norbert Corsino are Chevaliers des Arts et des Lettres (a national honour awarded on 1 January 2002).
First winners of the CMA-CGM Foundation Prize(December 2007).
They were artistic directors of Ars Numerica, the European Centre for Digital Arts (2007 - 2009).
In November 2011, with their work MUES, they were present at the Cannes International Dance Biennial, and they were associated artists in the Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains, during the first quarter of 2012.
Their work Extérieur jour [Day Exterior] will be produced as part of the programme of events for Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture 2013.

Bangalore fictions, choreographic interactive navigation will be presented as an installation as part of the Bonjour India Festival : New Delhi (National Gallery for Modern Art) and Bangalore (SKE Gallery)  in March 2013, and it will be created on the international level by means of an application for digital tablet in october 2013.

The 19th october 2013, n + n Corsino  have opened SCENE44, a European scene for choreographic creation and digital innovation, situated at Pôle Media - Belle de Mai, Marseille.

In 2014 their last creation Signs,Surfaces and the instant, interactive choreographic navigation, will be presented in Aurora Museum - Festival Croisements, Shanghai.
In 2016, their latest creation Between the lines, interactive choreographic navigation, is created as part of the Year of France in Korea.Their artworks are shown at the Ikkan Art Gallery in Singapore ( Art Stage Singapore) and at the Baux de Provence : International Festival a-part.

In 2018-2019, their next choreographic navigation in augmented reality, Self Patterns, will be created as part of the France - Romania Season.