Residency SCENE44 I co n + n Corsino - Event by Eleven

28 February > 26 March 2022

Beyond the play on words and sounds in the title Event by eleven, one must realize that this choreographic fiction is not modelled on a team sport with eleven players.
There will be three immersive zones for the spectators, who will take part in a play of dialogue with the performers by means of simple gestures.
A threefold game is proposed: the play of the dancers and their trajectories, that caused by the disturbances created by the audience, and that of our perceptions: a body is deduced from another body.
And our senses, modified by the kinaesthetic variations, will make us appear with the same signature of movement, a dance that is sometimes female, sometimes male.
n + n corsino

Concept & choreography: Nicole Corsino & Norbert Corsino
Choreographic collaboration: Kim Jae Duk
Performers: Kim Jae Duk, Choi So Young, Lee Jung In, Kim Hansol, Lee Jae Rin, Kim Bora, 김재덕, 최소영, 이정인, 김한솔, 이재린, 김보라
Development of flows and non-collisions, GOLAEM: Stéphane Donikian,
Nicolas Chaverou

Interactivity & immersion development: Florian Nouviale, Ronan Gaugne
Texts: Claudine Galea
Original music: Jacques Diennet
Creation of clones: Patrick Zanoli & Anaël Seghezzi
3D scenographic design: Patrick Zanoli
Motion Capture: Quantic Dream, Florence Fournier & Pierre Tauvel
With the support of Rennes Métropole, GOLAEM, and IMMERSIA Platform (IRISA)
Production: Danse 34, Productions