Residency n + n Corsino - SELF PATTERNS creation France-Romania Season

May 21 - June 9 2018

self patterns, the next original choreographic work by n + n Corsino, will be created in augmented reality from December 1st, 2018 to July 14th, 2019, in both France and Romania. It is one of the projects supported as part of the Saison France-Roumanie (France-Romania Season) initiated by the Institut Français. It brings together French and Romanian partnerships and know-how in dance and new technologies.
Two dancers of the Linotip company (Bucharest) join this creation and are in rehearsal from May 21 to June 9, 2018, at SCENE44, Marseille.

Credits titles:
Concept & choreography: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
Dance: Ioana Marchidan, Arcadie Rusu
3D scenographic design: Patrick Zanoli
AR/VR development  by CINETic & Augmented Space Agency: Ciprian Facaeru, Dan Facaeru 
Creation of clones & 2D scenographic design: Anaël Seghezzi
Musical creation: Jacques Diennet
Communication: Florent Magnani
Production: Aurélie Corsino
CINETic coordination: Alexandru Berceanu : CINETic communication: Elena Belciu
Production: CINETic, Bucharest: International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies (research platform for the performing arts)
Institut Français
Institut Culturel Roumain
Danse 34, Productions