n + n Corsino - SELF PATTERNS / Nuit Blanche, Paris 5 October 2019

Imagine a Nuit Blanche in motion, during which artists, but also works and even the public would be invited to circulate in Paris: this is the main idea of this next edition of Nuit Blanche.
Nicole Corsino and Norbert Corsino live and work in Marseille. These French choreographers and researchers are pioneers in the field of digital dance. They explore how dance changes our perception of spaces and vice versa.
During Nuit Blanche, download SELF PATTERNS, an augmented reality app in which you follow two digital dancers in ten different adventures. Their digital bodies are superimposed on the Parisian decors that you capture with your digital camera. Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, Montmartre…
The 3D dancer duo performs choreographic suites in accordance with the surrounding architectural elements. The virtual and the real collide here and the journey is reciprocal: the player takes the dancers to the Parisian metropolis and the latter to their world populated by rhinoceros, sparkling planes and showers of foliage in pixels. Warning, the application works on devices with an operating system.