n + n Corsino / Pôle National Supérieur de Danse SELF - MOV

11 > 15 March 2019

Each interpreter holds his smartphone in his hand.  The moving images taken by each dancer are the proprioceptive traces given by the technological tool.  This set of images appears as a partition. This score is not a notation, it is a danced trace of moments of self in another form of representation.
The consciousness of the dance movement is solicited. It is necessary to be here in its sentence, and there in the space of presentation defined by the tool. 
Norbert Corsino intervenes at the Pole National Superior de Danse with students dancers in TSI (Sound and Image Techniques), as part of the Intermedia course of the University Toulon Var.
This module entitled Digital Devices and Artistic Practice is addressed in the artist-led project mode. It is intended for third-year students in junior ballet.

Estella Coll Portell, Alice Comelli, Alessandro Giachetti, Alexandre Joaquim, Ariadna Jordan, Béatrice La Fata, Giulia Monaco, Marie Ramet, Mireia Reyes, Kevin Seiti, Romain Sirvent, Kiyana Tam Von Burg