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2 December 2021

The showcase of French digital creation.
Digital art, immersive experience, video games, innovative books, cultural outreach and education, webcreation.... : France stands out internationally for the quality and diversity of its digital productions and expertise.
In order to support this dynamic, the Institut français supports French digital cultural stakeholders in their development and international distribution. In close collaboration with the French diplomatic network abroad (cultural services of embassies and consulates, Instituts français, Alliances françaises), it promotes dialogue and collaboration between French and foreign professionals.
The IFdigital website highlights French digital creations and professionals who seek international distribution for their works, know-how and expertise. 
Entirely bilingual in French and English, it is aimed at cultural professionals (cultural venues, museums, festivals, production studios, the French cultural network abroad, etc.), decision-makers, journalists and, more broadly, all those who wish to discover the French offering and programme it and/or are looking for partnerships and co-productions.