n + n Corsino - DragonFly VR choreographic navigation/ residency SCENE44

5 > 30 April 2021

DragonFly - VR choreographic navigation
by n + n Corsino

The strong cultural and therefore social value of dance can be developed through technologies integrated into everyday life. They touch everyone by the speed of appearance of desire and by a form of direct proximity as a contemporary discovery of the world.
There is a state-of-the-art transition – ecological transition, as we say – brought about by digital processes: extension of the field of representation, variation of the human scale, and constant updating.
This transition is fun and it makes you want to play.
It captures attention and allows everyone to initiate their own scenarios: it is an active view of the artistic object that is imparted directly without following the pre-constructed learning patterns. 
Could one say that, originally, dance is the body playing in its simplest form of expression?
An idea far removed from playing with your body and from cheek to cheek.
At night, dreams. The sleeping body continues to play. Play what?
My neurons play: it is their recreation.
They play at playing, like children.
This has a mysterious side to it, but they don’t care, they act as if no one is watching them.

choreography & concept: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
dance: Bo Ra Kim, Jae Duk Kim
3D scenographic design: Patrick Zanoli
2D scenographic design: Anaël Seghezzi