n + n corsino / CLUB M Ambassadeurs, Trophée du rayonnement artistique 2019

5 June 2019

The M Ambassadors Club, launched in July 2015, has more than 850 members from civil society. They met on the heights of the Estaque, in the neighborhoods north of Marseille, to celebrate the fourth anniversary of its creation.
This club brings together, on the principle of volunteering, «actors of local dynamism having at heart to carry a positive message, sincere and objective to develop the destination Marseille and amplify its attractiveness», explains its animator Didier PARAKIAN, Assistant to the Economy, Business Relations, and Foresight.
«All of them are wearing the colours of Marseille and boasting the assets of the city and its territory to attract visitors and investors», comments Jean-Claude GAUDIN, at the initiative of this club that he describes as “concentrated on constructive initiatives and shared know-how”.
Congratulating the ambassadors for «their enthusiasm and their voluntarism to make our territory shine both nationally and internationally», the Mayor of Marseille considers that “It is the sum total of these talents gathered in the club that has constituted a force of conviction of an exceptional and, above all, human dimension.”
« Who would have dared to claim, 20 years ago, that Marseille would experience such tourist growth, that it would join the Top 10 international destinations, that it would be in the 40th position of the most innovative cities in Europe, and that it would host major international events: the Manifesta 2020 biennial, the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games,” he continued.
Jean-Claude GAUDIN welcomes the “Exceptional ambassadors, who work today under a unique brand to promote our city, city to live and attractive city, city open to the world, city with natural and exceptional heritage, city with many sectors of excellence, commerce reinforced, to job growth and a young, bold and innovative economy.”  And to conclude: «We are Marseille!»

   Rayonnement événementiel : Jean-Christophe MARQUET / Raquel de ANDRADE-Guy CARRARA
-       Rayonnement audiovisuel : Christophe JAROSZ / Richard GUEDJ
-       Economie-Transport : Vincent KIEFFER / Laurent VERGELY
-       Sport : Paul LECCIA / Claude NJOYA
-       Santé et Recherche : Christian CHABANON / Guy MAGALON
-       Art de vivre : Régis GUERBOIS / Lionel LEVY
-       Environnement : Déborah PARDO / Philippe ECHAROUX
-       Rayonnement artistique : Bruno CATALANO / Nicole et Norbert CORSINO
-       Trophée d’Honneur Junior : Léa GUIGNARD
-       Trophée d’Honneur Spécial numérique : Kevin POLIZZI