n + n Corsino / Bucarest

20th - 27th January 2018

Escape Tags

Escape Tags, an augmented reality creation is presented on smartphone and digital tablet and is active in the Romanian territory.
The title refers to Escape Rooms, a closed place where videogamers can escape to unexplored virtual worlds. Escape Tags offers the opposite path: the exteriors increase and transport themselves with you thanks to mobile communication objects.
Fictions appear in the form of short choreographic sequences set in locations chosen by geolocation.
In strolling through this territory, everyone can see on his smartphone, at any time, night and day, according to his intuition and his desire, dances from 1' to 2' performed by one(e) or two interpreters. The user, an active spectator, registers the bodies in motion in relation to architectural, historical and identity signs.
A fictional corpus of dematerialized tags is at work, published in real time, visible on a dedicated platform.
Some of these elements are shown in the form of events on screens in the city, train stations, airports.

achievement: n + n Corsino
partners: Institut Français, Années Croisées France Roumanie, CINEtic Bucarest