n + n Corsino are present at Yi Ou Lai Suzhou as part of the Suzhou Village event

n + n Corsino are present at Yi Ou Lai Suzhou as part of the Suzhou Village event 1 October - 31 October 2014
Value Retail is pleased to announce the première of the artistic event, Suzhou Village, the fruit of a year of original production culminating with the opening celebration by Yi Ou Lai Suzhou, and which will be on international tour in 2015. Reflecting the aesthetic of Yi Ou Lai Suzhou village and its superb architecture, international artists present their latest, most innovative contemporary art creations.

The Australian company Strange Fruit will open the celebration with an original performance of a fusion of theatre, dance and circus in an immersive experience open to the five senses.
The impressive 35 metres long stage, designed specially for the occasion by Zhou Jie, will have a scenographic design featuring moving screens, which will show the artistic works created specifically for Suzhou Village.
The visual event created by digital projections of Recipients Collective and by n+n Corsino’s latest choreography will be accompanied by a new piece composed by Hu Zi, a live performance by the Brandt Brauer Frick ensemble, and a live performance by the artist Pierre Giner.
The dancer and performance artist Xiao Ke, in association with the choreographer Alizia Bordari, will present performances and installations in situ.

Yi Ou Lai thereby becomes the producer of original artistic contents that travel around China and the rest of the world.

Credits and acknowledgements : 
Performance : Xiao Ke Group (China) in association with Alizia Borsari (Italy), Suzhou Dance Academy (China), Strange Fruit (Australia), Hu Zi (China), Brandt Brauer Frick (Germany) and DJ Patrick Vidal (France).

Visual artists: Recipient Collective (Italy), n+n Corsino (France), Pierre Giner (France) and Zou Jie (China).

Artistic direction: Davide Quadrio, Zou Jie and Ivan Maria Vele.

Presented by: Value Retail, Yi Ou Lai Suzhou, Arthub Asia, and Beller Corporation.