Imagine navigation across different seas, in unpredictable weather, and which composes a map of feelings and of the memory exposed to all the winds.
Danced trajectories, floating landscapes, saturated colours, sudden appearances and discreet vanishings. Imagine the precise, rapid figures of running dancers, of duos, the subtle shots of fragmented bodies, the crossings and the successive passages of cities and their topographies, the sound qualities that tell their story while continuing a movement that drives dance and vision towards an astonished elsewhere. All these precipitates of images, movements and sounds will palpitate and perpetuate themselves in lines, curves and convolutions. Rails carrying images, sound turbulence, untimely flickering and flashing, mergers and divergences, cocktails of impressions that play on the absolute of a bearing and the relativity of its indication.
The traveller-spectator-viewer is involved in a new scenario.
The changes of course that he follows will take him to memory and recomposition. Scanning the field of knowledge that he thought he had of the previous journey, while weaving and unravelling a web of images that builds a new map for new explorations.
There is no end to the navigation, no loop in the journey, and the trace that one leaves in moving does not fix the truth of the movement. The trace and its continual reproduction affected by infinitely small and infinitely large variations constitute the subject of a dream of the movement, of a dream of the never-ending journey.
Here, the installation is a drift of the continents of the senses.
Claudine Galéa

Credits titles

conception: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
music: Jacques Diennet
text: Claudine Galéa
automatisms & systems: Patrice Bersani, Gérard Teissèdre (A.D.N.)

Production Partners

danse 34, productions
Centre d’Art Contemporain de la Ferme du Buisson
Associated production: C.I.C.V. Centre Pierre Schaeffer

With the support of:
DRAC Cultural Affairs Department of PACA (the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region)
City of Marseille
PACA Regional Council
General Council of Bouches du Rhône area
and the Beaumarchais Foundation

In collaboration with:
Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles; the Vasarely Foundation; the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Nice; the Musée Départemental, Gap