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On the occasion of the yearly Festival Croisements, the Aurora Museum presents a new media exhibition by artists n + n Corsino titled Signs, Surfaces and the instant. Ths show embodies and exemplifies the possibilities of the encounter between contemporary creations and yhe outstanding museum collection of Chinese antiquities.

The preview of the exhibition wil feature the sceening of a site specific video work created by n + n Corsino, to be displayed on the Aurora building gigantic screen, and wich will be visible looking from the bund towards the Pudong skyline.

The towering images of a dancer standing out in the nocturnal view of pudong will be presented for public viewing every night from 7 pm to 10 pm.

The exhibition will run from May 24th to July 27th at the Aurora Museum, located in Lujiazui, and will represent an unique occasion to enjoy a dazzling, interactive, new media art show that will charm the viewers senses through a blend of contemporary art and interactive technology.

The Festival Croisements 2014 is also celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and France

Credits titles

concept and Direction: n + n Corsino

curator: Davide Quadrio, Fritz Huang

dancers: Pooja Purohit, Stefania Rossetti, Ana Teixido, Revanta Sarabhai

writer: Claudine Galea

calligrapher: Sumei Tang

2D / 3D scenographic designer: Nicolas Ballu

software developer: Samuel Toulouse

music composer: Jacques Diennet

lighting designer: Pascale Bongiovanni

technical manager: Gilles Marchesi

communication: Florent magnani

Production Partners

Aurora Museum, Shanghai International Culture Association, Arthub Asia

With the support of:

French General Consulate in Shanghai, French Institute in China, Festival Croisements, SCENE44, City of Marseille, Apax