A sensitive navigation in harmony with the iPhone.

The poetic abstract kinetics of bodies and landscapes are augmented by the tool. In return, the specifications of the object held in the hand are developed through interaction engines.

Soi Moi (Self as Me) is a portable installation that provides a perception of one’s own body, the body that is holding the iPhone, which is more friendly, in the sense that a real consideration of the sensible physical intelligence of oneself does not always happen.

Twelve interactive sequences of 1 to 2 minutes form the basis of the scenarios.

In Soi Moi (Self as Me), motion capture choreographic sequences play with invisibility: the absence of an object or a partner creates unexpected physical situations. Technical processes emphasize the intention when they entail disappearance – or, more precisely, removal: that is, removal in the sense of alleviation or abduction.

Beyond the words of the title Soi Moi (Self as Me), the construction of internal and external pressures invites some escapes towards a form of “tensegrity” – tensile integrity, which is closer to biology and architecture than to shamanism. 

We like to think that choreography, music and sounds, scenography, light and images form parallel scenarios in relation to a chosen central theme. None of them is worked a priori as an illustration of the other or treated as a direct application.
The same applies to the interactive mode.
The cartography of representation is not superimposed on the user’s perceptive cartography: they correspond to each other in an appropriate language and a relational game engendering a narrative form.

Nominated for 3rd Nuit des Médias, Paris
Prix de la création for mobile video art, Festival Mobile Days, Paris

Credits titles

general concept & choreography: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
interactivity development: Samuel Toulouse
3D scenographic design: Patrick Zanoli
performance for motion capture: Ana Teixido, Stefania Rossetti, Norbert Corsino
sound design: Jacques Diennet
text: Claudine Galéa

Production Partners

Danse 34, Productions
[ars]numerica, European centre for digital arts
with the support of CNC New Medias
available from App Store