Heightened fictions

Seoul, South Korean Telecom

Heightened fictions

The Corsinos’ scenographies constitute heightened, augmented fictions. They are augmented by reality, or perhaps one might say that real materials are augmented by fictions.

Every part of the body and of its setting in motion. It is the choreographic movement which will penetrate the landscape and, at the same time, will mark it, change it and disrupt it.

The theatricality comes from their unique use of the image. An image inhabited, haunted by movement. The image is itself a weightless body, a restless organism, a vibration in space.

Lightness is one of the characteristics of this untimely work. If we have this feeling of fluidity when walking through an exhibition by n + n Corsino, it is because of this successful combination of uninterrupted circulation and an extreme discretion of the media that present the images. The radicality of this approach is due to this astonishing reality: movement – or choreography – contaminated everything, including the image and its scenography.

Claudine Galéa

Credits titles

Heightened fictions by n + n Corsino

Como Network Exhibition Seoul, Korea

Biennale Media City 2006, Seoul 

Production Partners

Organisation: Art Center Nabi, South Korean Telecom

Coproduction: Centre Culturel Français Seoul, [ars]numerica