In residence at the CICV in Hérimoncourt, n + n Corsino are commissioned to film young female hip-hop dancers who are part of a club in this village of the Doubs area.
Their energy and their passion for moving are the driving forces behind this project.
We discuss it with Odile Duboc, who opens the doors of the Belfort National Choreographic Centre for us and gave us logistic support.
The rehearsals and filming took place in the excellent CCNB studio.

Credits titles

direction: N + N Corsino
direction of photography: Massimo Gardone, Alessandra Muran
image: Massimo Gardone, Norbert Corsino
female dancers: Lydia Bouchiouane, Sandra Bouchiouane, Sonia Djemat, Brigitte Ferrario, Habiba Larguet, Ginette Silarbi, Louisette Silarbi, Alicia Vézien
choreography: Ginette Silarbi, Louisette Silarbi
original music & sound design: Jacques Diennet
montage/editing & special effects: Patrick Zanoli
mixing: Gilles Marchesi 
colour palette: Paul Chapuis
studio lighting: Frédéric Mougin
studio sound: Daniel Fréçon
general technical production: Jean-Claude Loumiet
production assistant: Jocelyne Corneille
production manager: Yasmina Demoly
production executive: Catherine Derosier

Production Partners

Danse 34, Productions
C.I.C.V. Centre Pierre Schaeffer
with the support of:
the Point Magique association, Danse Hip Hop Hérimoncourt, the Centre Chorégraphique National de Belfort, Ubris Studio
acknowledgements: Yolande Berda, Odile Duboc, Elise Severin, Annie Voilot