choreographic navigation in augmented reality, application for Apple Store and Google Play

SELF PATTERNS  de n+n Corsino is the first-ever choreographic navigation in augmented reality.
This application for Apple Store and Google Play offers a dozen short choreographic sequences full of play, fantasy and humour.
Imagine two dancing figures (a woman and a man) whose dress evokes the adventurer Corto Maltese. You have them with you in your pocket. At the seaside, or in front of the Acropolis, the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower or Buckingham Palace, you launch your application. Once you have chosen the place and the point of view, it is up to you to play and to follow the two characters in ten original adventures.
Your dancing pair has its own environment and its own choreographic suite that will be superimposed on yours and placed in the setting where you have chosen to take them. The trip is mutual: n+n Corsino’s imagination will augment yours in a fabulous passage through appearances. You will travel with a giraffe or a rhinoceros, among planes as shiny as toys, you will pass through a shower of foliage or fly higher than the Eiffel Tower. Yes, it really is possible! Walk around, turn or run as you please, but don’t forget that you are still a passer-by from reality. Don’t cross the street without looking and don’t do a backward somersault without training!
Claudine Galea

In SELF PATTERNS, the exteriors are augmented and move with oneself by means of mobile communication objects. Dance stages on smartphones and digital tablets.
The user orchestrates the choreographic sequences in relation to architectural, historical, and identity signs. There is a scenographic setting of movement within the frame, and the frame itself – defined by the geographies of the moment and of places – initiates a narrative. This fictional corpus will be presented in an installation.

Credits titles

concept & choreography: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
dance: Ioana Marchidan, Arcadia Rusu (LINOTIP)
2d & 3d scenographic design: Patrick Zanoli
AR / VR development: Ciprian Facaeru, Dan Facaeru (CINETic and Augmented Space Agency)
creation of clones: Anaël Seghezzi
texts : Claudine Galea 
original music: Jacques Diennet (Ubris Studio)
public/press relations: Florent Magnani
production: Aurélie Corsino
CINETic coordination: Alexandru Berceanu
CINETic public/press relations: Elena Belciu

Production Partners

SCENE44. n + n Corsino, CINETic International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies, Bucarest. Augmented Space Agency, Bucarest.
With the collaboration of: LINOTIP Choreographic Independant Center, Bucarest