The scenario of Captives is built around movements of women driven by behaviour of refusal. The actions and the imagination that result from this attitude are the material of this short fantasy tale. The movements of the bodies of female dancers (Nicole Corsino, Ana Teixido, Carme Vidal), recorded in motion capture, is applied to their clone. As in an animation film, bodies and spaces undergo all kinds of deformations, and dance is plunged into a world of reflections. With a concave screen, virtual mist and forest, beaches of giant crystals, a futuristic city made up of screens, the scenographic design proposes dissociated worlds, explored by the camera’s virtual movements. Special effects create a completely strange climate.
Irène Filiberti Images de la culture, C.N.C.

Prix de la création at the Dance Screen Festival (2000, Monaco)
Prix Pixel Ina at the Imagina Festival (2000, Monaco)
Mention Spéciale Ars Electronica (2000, Linz)
Mention Spéciale il coreografo elettronice, (2000, Naples)

Credits titles

choreography & direction: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino

motion capture performers: Ana Teixido, Carme Vidal, Nicole Corsino

3D scenographic design: Patrick Zanoli

animation: Claire Pégorier

music: Jacques Diennet

Production Partners

Danse 34, Productions, C.I.C.V. Pierre Schaeffer

With the participation of: Canal+ and the French Centre National de la Cinématographie

With the support of the French Ministry of Culture and the French Centre National de la Cinématographie

Cultural Affairs Department of PACA (the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region), City of Marseille, PACA Regional Council, General Council of the Bouches-du-Rhône area, A.D.A.M.I., Théâtre des Bernardines, and Animaré