7 scenarios de papier (7 paper scenarios)

Body, movement and clothing are closely related in these scenarios. Students were asked to make paper texture-clothes by using all techniques that they wished to apply to their creative design work. Each of these new skins, pressure and contact surfaces, was lived in, tried and tested by the different variations of the dancer Ana Teixido. 7 paper scenarios were developed gradually through rehearsals and experiments.

Credits titles

spatialisation & direction: Norbert Corsino
performance: Ana Teixido
coordination of the Clothing Department: Jean-Paul Longavesne
montage/editing: Nicole Corsino, Patrick Zanoli
mixing: Jacques Diennet

The 3rd year students by order of appearance of their clothing creation:
Alice Touvet, Charlotte Bonnet, Cécile Blindermann, Sophie Volcker, Stéphanie Cailleau, Paul Moreau, Carine Montarras

Production Partners

Danse 34, Productions

CICV Pierre Shaeffer