…Deep down, however, the cities crossed are not themselves important. There is no longer any real narration in the sense of constitutive linearity, but an attempt to deconstruct images by contamination between them. The space is seen as multiplied by the perspectives and the subtle use of light. Here, the image imposes itself both as the medium of a fictional story and as the fictional story itself. It becomes a character, a body, and movement all at the same time: here, the image is dance.
Bernard Millet

Credits titles

choreography, direction: N + N Corsino

performers: Ana Teixido, Nicole Corsino, Jacques Boyer, Norbert Corsino

director of photography: Massimo Gardone, Alessandra Muran

image: Uldis Veiss

editing: Michel De Lataulade

mixing: Gilles Marchesi


Production Partners

Danse 34, Productions
C.I.C.V. Centre de Recherche Pierre Schaeffer
Arcanal (Centre National du Cinéma)

With the support of:
French Ministry of Culture & La Francophonie (Music & Dance Department)
DRAC Cultural Affairs Department of PACA (the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region)
City of Marseille
P.A.C.A. Regional Council
General Council of the Bouches-du-Rhône area