Circumnavigation works as closely as possible to bodies. Here, bodies have the same function and are of the same nature as the landscapes. Circumnavigation is concerned with details. The details of things that are seen and shown; details of things that are moved, touched. Detail involves the isolation of figures, bodies, landscapes. It involves precision and determination. Far from being exhaustive and tautologous, the careful attention to detail is comparable to the traveller’s uniqueness. It is a form of interiority.
It tells a story and does not explain. The art of Circum is that of the poetic ellipse.
Claudine Galéa

Credits titles

choreography, direction: N + N Corsino

performers: Ana Teixido, Nicole Corsino, Jacques Boyer, Norbert Corsino

director of photography: Massimo Gardone, Alessandra Muran

image: Ricardo Rezende

editing: Michel De Lataulade

mixing: Gilles Marchesi

Production Partners

Danse 34, Productions
C.I.C.V. Centre de Recherche Pierre Schaeffer
Arcanal (Centre National du Cinéma)

With the support of:
French Ministry of Culture & La Francophonie (Music & Dance Department)
DRAC Cultural Affairs Department of PACA (the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region)
City of Marseille
P.A.C.A. Regional Council
General Council of the Bouches-du-Rhône area