Interactive choreographic navigations - Dance joins language

Between the lines takes inspiration from two short stories ñ one written by HanYu-joo, La danse du scribe [The scribeís dance], the other by Claudine Galea, Deux lettres [Two letters] ñ which open to the imagination of gestures and body movements, and it treats them like a graphic novel in which words, images and sounds are hybridized in an interactive narrative process. 
A series of choreographic sequences composes two signatures of movement ñ the signatures given by gestures and body movements, and by the elements of the calligraphed texts ñ through developing specific technological tools.

 n + n corsino have produced two original new works on the relationships of movement between calligraphy and choreography : Bangalore Fictions (India, 2013) and Signs (China, 2014).They concern the animal and plant origins of the calligraphic line as a stylisation of forms in movement: the gesture forms a sign.
Korean calligraphy was constructed as an alphabet in the 15th century. It includes the representation of human articulatory organs, and it deals with the sky and the earth.
This original new work associates Korean and French artists.
The dancers and performers Bo-ra Kim and Jae-duk Kim, the calligrapher Mihwi Park and the young author Yu-joo Han joined the project.
We receive support from the De Crescenzo publishing house based in Aix-en-Provence, which specialises in the translation of Korean literature.

Credits titles

choreography & concept: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino

dance: Bo Ra Kim, Jae Duk Kim

text: Yu-Joo Han, Claudine Galea

calligraphy and translation: Mihwi Park

2D & 3D scenographic design: Nicolas Ballu

computer graphics: Anaël Seghezzi

development: David Elahee

music: 4 percussionists (Samulnori), Jacques Diennet

direction of photography: Massimo Gardone, Alessandra Muran 

Production Partners

Art Project Bora

Dance 34, Productions

City of Marseille

Institut Français

French Embassy in Korea

Editions De Crescenzo