Un avion presque au milieu du lac (An aeroplane almost in the middle of the lake)

Seaplanes on Lakes Lugano and Como.
Shifts of local fictions against a background of pontoons and floats.
Take-offs from the surface of the water.
Marseille 22/02/89, I have just finished Jacques Roubaud’s Le grand incendie de Londres [The Great Fire of London], the book, the decision and the project. Like the text, with its phrases and changes of direction, we are tempted to write that Un avion presque au milieu du lac [An aeroplane almost in the middle of the lake] has something in common with these accumulated black lines, intersected by mute white spaces.
Here, the stories begin and never end.
If they forget their beginning, they do not plan their end, or they do not seem to know it.
However, these “almost-stories” are closely related and play on the thread of the flow, not the element that is wet, but the element that flows.

Original work produced jointly with the Théâtre National de la Danse et de l'Image, Châteauvallon

Credits titles

direction: Norbert Corsino

stage direction, choreography: Nicole Corsino

performers: Lys Schlegel, Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino

music: Jacques Diennet

images: Claude Martin

computer-generated images: Spot Image / I.S.T.A.R., Laurent Renouard, Bruno Randriamaro

costume design: Lulu

seaplane pilot: Cesare Baj

Production Partners

Danse 34, productions


T.N.D.I. Châteauvallon

In collaboration with:

Music & Dance Department, French Ministry of Culture & Communication

The City of Marseille, Office de la Culture

P.A.C.A. Regional Council

I.S.T.A.R. (Stereoscopic Images Applied to Relief)

Spot Image Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales

Office Départemental de la Culture