Xiao Ke Group - Shanghai / Recipient CC - Milan

Dance between the lines

residency: 14th > 23rd Avril 2015

live: 23.04.2015 - 6pm30

Presentation :
The collaborative works between Xiao Ke and Zhou Zihan involve the field of dance and multimedia representations. It connect the life of the artists with the city.
By restoring the artist’s ideas back into life, Xiao Ke and Zihan fulfill the art process of the idea that what comes from life vanishes into life.
Recipient Collective creates experiential art works that use interactivity in a subtle and minimal way.
One Thousand Threads connects randomly several locations along the Silk Roads via textile iconic patterns of Chinese origins.

Credits titles:
choreographer: Li Ke
dancers: Jiang Fan, Li Yong, Li Chen Chuan
visual artist: Zhou Zi Han
stage designer: Zhou Jie
art director, 3d artist, motion graphics: Ignazio Lucenti 
animator, illustrator: Germaine Colajanni 
composer, generative soundesign, interaction designer: Alessandro Inguglia 
producer, technician: Andrea Ghia 
director, musician, technical supervisor: Martino Coffa

Arthub Asia, Recipient CC, Value Retail, SCENE44 • n + n Corsino