Sarah Fdili Alaoui & Tamara Erdé - SKIN step of performing

19th > 21st December 2016

Presentation :
SKIN is a choreographic piece which incorporates an interactive device that is conceived like a second skin.
Physiological sensors on the dancers’ bodies define a relational system with image and sound.
The performers create a different space than that of their dance, reflected in real time by their inner movements and their most subtle sensations.
SKIN questions the body's consciousness activated by technological processes, the sensitivity of the skin, and the different interactions with the other, the foreign body.
New limits, boundaries and borders delineate a sensitive hybridization.

Credits titles :
choreographers: Tamara Erdé, Sarah Fdili Alaoui
video maker: Tamara Erdé
researcher: Sarah Fdili Alaoui
dancers: Noellie Poulain, Lisa Bicheray
movement notator: Sarah Fdili Alaoui
information technology development and research: Niels Mourette, Sarah Fdili Alaoui
music: Alejandro Van Zandt Escobar
with the support of:
French National Information Technology & Automation Research Institute (INRIA)
University Paris-Sud / Paris Saclay Information Technology Research Centre
French national research organisation (CNRS)