Sara Lupoli


2nd November  > 13th November 2015

open session: 12.11.2015 6pm30

Presentation :
Album is an exploratory work that plays on the paradox between the over-abundance of the images to which we are exposed and those of which we are partly the authors.
The proposed performance goes on a journey into the depths of the psyche and of intimacy.
It is rooted in the distant meanders of our personal construction.
A fundamental fall enables us to be reborn with more intensity through the illusion of the stage.
Creative Coding, software developed for the Album performance, performs real-time analyses of the movements on stage, based on the dancers’ performative action and the colours of the various elements present.
- movement of the background : movement analysis process (without green background), real-time capture, produced by different algorithms (background, substitution and Frame Difference).
- movement of the pixels, materialized with Slitscan, uses digital filters to create animations.
- the Glitch, by non-conventional access to the computer’s memory, offers the possibility of designing unforeseeable and accidental images before the performance.

Credits titles :
conception, direction, choreography: Sara Lupoli
performers: Elena Cocci, Marianna Moccia
programming system: Fiorenzo Ramaglia
music: Vito Pizzo
stylism: Pina Lupoli, Nuage s.r.l.
Production :

PianoBe (Marseille)
coproduction : Città della Scienza, Naples / Centro Korper, Naples / Accademia delle Belle Arti, Naples / SCENE44 • n + n Corsino, Marseille
with the support of : Klap Maison Pour la Danse, Marseille / Art Garage, Naples