Rocio Berenguer

Homeostasis : Flamenco new wave at the second floor

16th > 26th September 2014

opening: October 2015,CDA Enghien, Paris

“Attempt at reprogramming my body’s ROM (Read Only Memory). A technical and surreal dialog is established between the computer and myself.
I have the desire to recode my body through the world of Flamenco and programing language."

The voice recognition computing device is an interactive installation that enables the dancer, in an automated mode, to control stage devices by voice activation. It has been elaborated with Alexis Nasret and Frédéric Bechet, both researchers in fundamental computing sciences at the  LIF-CNRS of University of Aix Marseille (AMU). The development of this program sits within the framework of the students’ second year Masters research papers in Fundamental and Applied Computing Sciences.

Credits titles: 
writer and dance performer: Rocio Berenguer
stage director: Berrahondo Txiqui Tomas Danielis
choreographic assistant: Tomas Danielis
sound creator and stage manager: Charles Saoudoul
graphic designers: Tooms Reso-nances

co-production: Centre des Arts d’Enghien-Les-Bains, Paris