Pascale Bongiovanni - Groupe SansDiscontinu

20 > 24 January 2014

Small luminous treatise, BURN OUT turns away like a wink from a hypothetical lecture. This is a summons to live the light physically.
Exhausted in the world of work, BURN OUT catapults a governing body on stage in a frenetic dance. A body that speaks only one language: lamps, filaments, cables…
A body inhabited by light and which expresses itself only through the alternating or continuous current.
Light designer, Pascale Bongiovanni is also an ampoulagist and lighting specialist. She approaches her job through an intuitive approach made of the childish pleasure of pushing buttons, sensuality, humour… and violence.

Credits titles: 
design, lighting, scenography, performer: Pascale Bongiovanni
assistant director and video:  Loran Chourrau
music: Nicolas Lespagnol-Rizzi
set assistant: Muriel Laborde
logistics, training, exterior view: Fanette Guillaume Gentil
photo: Erik Damiano
Théâtre des Bernardines, Montévidéo / Hubert Colas, Lieux publics – Centre national de création, Ballet National de Marseille, Théâtre du Gymnase – Marseille. Merci à Aurélie Leroux et Sacco