Between the lines

France - Korea Year 2015 - 2016 . Highlight in Marseille in May 2016

19th April > 30th June 2016

n + n corsino have produced two original new works on the relationships between calligraphy and choreography: Bangalore Fictions (India, 2013) and Signs (China, 2014).
They concern the animal and plant origins of the calligraphic line as a stylisation of forms in movement: the gesture forms a sign.
Korean calligraphy deconstructed Chinese calligraphy in the 15th century.
It recomposed itself as an alphabet, and its written form became geometric.
It underwent development described as scientific.
In Between the Lines, a dance is invented as a language and vice versa.

This original new work associates Korean and French artists in residence in SCENE44

Credits titles:
choreography & concept: Nicole Corsino, Norbert Corsino
dance: Bo Ra Kim, Jae Duk Kim
text: Yu-Joo Han, Claudine Galea
calligraphy and translation: Mihwi Park
2D & 3D scenographic design: Nicolas Ballu
computer graphics: Anaël Seghezzi
development: David Elahee
music: 4 percussionists (Samulnori), Jacques Diennet
direction of photography: Massimo Gardone, Alessandra Muran 

the project’s Korean partners:
Songdo City IFEZ
JARB-ART (Songdo)
Artproject Bora (Seoul)
MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
MCST (Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism)
KAM (Korea Arts Management Service)
KOCIS (Korea Culture and Information Service)
the project’s French partners:
Dance 34, Productions
City of Marseille
Institut Français
French Embassy in Korea
Editions De Crescenzo