Michaël Cros - Co la Méta-carpe

3 > 14 December 2018



A cabinet of curiosities of the future?
A body in a laboratory with the living, the inert, the primate, the human, to be observed patiently...
New forms of mobility, altered by relational technologies: these are the first approches of research explored during this residency.
Solo Capture is beginning to take shape at SCENE44, a little less than a year before the premiere at the TJP CDN Strasbourg - Grand Est in October 2019.


Credits titles:

artistic direction & performance: Michaël Cros
digital scenographic design & music: Sylvain Delbart
sound design: Noël Chateau, Luccio Stiz, Sylvain Delbart
anthropological dramaturgy: Jérémy Damian
external viewpoint: Mathilde Monfreux, Régine Westenhoeffer
costumes & patchwork: Nathalie Guichon
lights: Laurence Froget
construction: Emmanuel Fleury & Mario Mathis
engineering: Greg Mittelberger
ethology consultants: Hélène Meunier & Adrien Meguerditchian
philosophy consultant: Matthias Youchenko
video capture: Luc Sarlin

Coproduction: TJP CDN Strasbourg - Grand Est, Vélo Théâtre scène conventionnée (Apt), NAPP - Maison de la Marionnette (Tournai), SCENE44 . n + n Corsino (Marseille), Jardin Paralllèle (Reims)
with the support of: Klap Maison pour la Danse (Marseille), La Zouze / Dans les Parages (Marseille), Station de Primatologie du CNRS à Rousset, Centre de Primatologie de l’Université de Strasbourg


Solo Capture has received grant aid for creative work from the City of Marseille