Greg Beller

Richard Dubelski | Re-percussions

30th 03 > 9th 04 . 2015

open studio: 08 & 09.04.2015 - 3pm > 6pm

Last residence at SCENE 44 of the Synekine Project, who will present the premiere of La brèche, the forthcoming work created by Richard Dubelski and Greg Beller, at the Péniche Opéra in Paris on 18 May 2015.

Sitting at a café table, a man is waiting to meet someone.
Very soon, he no longer knows who he is waiting for, or why.
While the numbers written on his telephone are erased, he investigates an identity that gradually deforms and reforms.

The Sound Space is a new musical instrument. Rather like a sampler is an empty box to be filled up with sound files, the Sound Space turns the physical space around the performer into a key area to place and to play his own voice samples. With the Sound Space, a performer literally spreads his voice around himself by the gesture, creating an entire sound scene while playing with it. The association of time and space by means of the gesture makes this instrument also suitable for dancers and body/movement artists, and for various applications.

Credits titles: 
concept: Richard Dubelski, Greg Beller
designer & developer: Greg Beller
music: Richard Dubelski, Greg Beller
performer: Richard Dubelski
video, lights & scenographic design: Yann Philippe
associated developers: Jules Françoise, Samuel Toulouse, Yann Philippe
hardware developer: Emmanuel Fléty

Corps à Sons, Synekine Project, La Péniche Opéra,
Formes Elémentaires, SCENE44 • n + n Corsino
Production residencies:
IRCAM PRRM 2014, Paris, SCENE44 • n + n Corsino, Marseille