Emmanuelle Raynaut


22nd > 26th June 2015


WHY ME is a journey through human and non-human memory.
WHY ME re-examines the human world of the 21st century through the filter of its violence.
Disappearance, fragmentation and dismemberment are central to this choral work, which was created during a long residency in Beirut and Rome in the UMAM NGO’s archives and in the Vatican’s reserve collections. WHY ME is a performance-installation which works on the perversion and incorporation of historical records through a process of collection and creation of drawings.
This series of works is in several different formats and combines crossovers of visual, audio and choreographic composition and writing. Drawing plays a primordial role within this process, as well as digital writing which conveys the work’s perceptive simultaneity.
The immersive experience of the journey is central to WHY ME at SCENE 44. It is experienced and shared by the performers and spectators by a 3D walkthrough that gathers together all the various formats of the series of works.
The bodies move from the studio floor to the screen and from the screen to the studio floor. The residency is an opportunity to place the living and the virtual in mutual tension, by blurring singular and collective experience. Here, the movement of the intuitive visions is conveyed by the Oculus Rift. This play of technological scales from low tech to high tech places the living world in new light, producing resonance in the permeable boundaries of this cross-cutting creation.

Credits titles:
conception, direction, choreography: Emmanuelle Raynaut
performers: Satchie Noro, Lorena Dozio, Aline Ruggeri, Odette Bernard, Kerwin Rolland, Johanna Korthals Altes
image direction: José Césarini
video editing: Romain Le Roux
programming: Nicolas Djaal

AREP-Cie Région Centre, joint production by UMAM The Hangar, ZINC-Friche Belle de Mai, SCENE44 • n + n Corsino, Les Bancs Publics - Cie Maroushka / Festival Ecoute Voir, and LIEUX FICTIFS,
in partnership with CENTQUATRE-PARIS, BETONSALON, CERILAC, UDPN and La Muse en Circuit, and with the support of DICRéAM, assistance for mock-up and production
thanks to the MERLAN theatre and to the Dans les parages project of ZOUZE - Cie Christophe Haleb