collective SKALEN Michèle Ricozzi

d'une rive à l'autre

5 > 10 July 2021

This project consists of a dance performance and an installation that will be presented at the end of July 2021 in the Salle des Rotatives (rotary printing press room) of La Marseillaise newspaper before they disappear. 
The film Le Rendez Vous des Quais by Paul Carpita is an element of inspiration and a historical reference.
Archival images alternate with contemporary musical and visual elements that link together the worlds of yesterday and today. 
The sound creation integrates the political statements of a period of struggle of the workers of that time, including dockers, and is built on the basis of the key moments of the film. 
To assist this multi-performance creation designed for a mobile audience, SCENE44 will help them explore the scenographic capacities of this multiform work.

Conception, choreography: Michèle Ricozzi
Dansce: Ines Hernandez, Noémie Lambert, Michèle Ricozzi, Fabien Almakiewicz
Music: Paul Elwood, Jean-Marc Montera
Video design : Samuel Bester
Sound universe: Jean-Marc Montera

In collaboration with:  le GMEM, SCENE44 . n + n corsino, le Laboratoire PRISM (AMU-CNRS), le quotidien La Marseillaise.