co ELEPHANTE Sandra Français


residency: 28 March > 2 April 2022

The Earth has always revolved around its axis, then a science of the movement of the stars was developed and we devised units of measurement to divide time. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries… Why do we feel the need to measure everything? “Moving Still” plunges us into a universe whose spatio-temporal limits are transformed. The manipulation of time is represented by a rotating platform, an allegory of the cosmos. By means of this object, we can upset the spectators’ bearings and modify their perception. The skilful interplay of bodies, sound and light then gives the illusion of elastic time.

Choreography: Sandra Français
Technical production & control of rotating platform and lights: Léo Grosperrin
Dancers: Félix Heaulme, Amélie Olivier, Kim Evin
Music: Martin Goodwin
Scenographic construction: Atelier Vierano
Joint productions:
KLAP maison pour la Danse, Stereolux, Scène 44, Système Castafiore, Pôle 164