co Ecrire un mouvement Fanny Avram

Track Yourself

Make love while building your muscles, in 15 min flat” - “Manage your stress: 2 quick, effective exercises” - “10 tips to spice up your romantic relationship”: such things regularly headline the newspapers to help us optimize our daily and intimate activities. “Track Yourself” is to our way of life what Toyotism was to the scientific organization of work. This creation, composed of a montage of texts by Falk Richter, depicts the calibrated and quantified daily life of a couple trained in what Gérard Neyrand calls “relational individualism”. Equipped with measurement tools that scrutinize and analyze their behaviour, the two partners seek to shape their relationship with a view to efficiency by using methods of personal fulfilment such as an athletic version of the Kama Sutra, or energizing and anti-ageing massages. The mechanization of workers’ movements will be the source of inspiration for choreographing daily and intimate body movements and gestures.

Direction & Choreography: Fanny Avram & Thierry Escarmant
Texts: Falk Richter, published and represented by L'Arche theatrical agency
Performers: Fanny Avram & Pierre Laneyrie
Scenographic design: Clémentine Fort
Construction: Manuel Buttner
Lighting: Ivan Mathis
General Stage Manager: Manuel Buttner
Sound Space: Johann Loiseau
Audio corpus & digital interactions: Benoît Courribet
Technical support: Jérémy Pompey & Romain Colautti

Partners: City of Pau | Pyrénées Atlantiques Departmental Council | Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Council | DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine.
Co-production & Support: Scène Nationale du Sud Aquitain | Espaces Pluriels subsidized theatre, Pau | Scène Nationale Le Zef, Marseille | CENTQUATRE, Paris | SCENE44 . n + n Corsino, Marseille | Théâtre-Studio, Alfortville | Le Bel Ordinaire contemporary art centre, Pau | La Centrifuge Cultural Service, University of Pau | Le Grain de la Voix Poetry Centre.