co Abdel Blabla Corinne Pontana / François Bouteau


Black and white produces forms more than it reproduces; it dramatizes and concentrates. It is also more conducive to revealing visual dynamics.”
Gilbert Garcin
HAPPY is a patchwork of situations in a scenography where black, grey and white dominate, so that HER and HIS dances are articulated in circuits, lines, circles, spirals, perspectives, borders, optical illusions and so on, in a kind of existential meandering.
Black and white reveal a turn of mind of abstract form when colour occurs as a reminder of the living in imaginary form.
By image and projection, the evidence is born from allegories, specified by the danced progress of these two individuals between animal, vegetable, mineral and human.

Choreography – Scenographic design: Corinne Pontana, François Bouteau
Performers: Corinne Pontana, François Bouteau
Original music: François Bouteau, Basile Pontana 
Video design: Eric Bernaud (Cinemagraphic)
Lighting design: In progress
Costume design: In progress

Production: Abdel Blabla
in progress 19 November 2022 Question de Danse Festival – To be premiered in 2023
Support: Klap maison pour la Danse, SCENE44 . n + n corsino (Marseille) - CDCN les Hivernales (Avignon) - marseille objectif DansE - compagnie ex Nihilo cité des arts de la rue (Marseille) - le Volatil Manufacture artistique (Toulon) - Rouvrir le Monde Drac Paca