Cie Sara Lupoli

Off Cells

13 > 24 May 2019

open session 23 mai 2019 - 7pm30
reservations :

Off Cells cells are activated at the periphery of the retina in the absence of light.
Off Cells imply that darkness is not inert, but is the result of a real activity of a part of our body.
The body experiences the architectures of shadow and light in an emotional micro-universe and becomes a sensitive, vibrant vehicle where past and present coexist.
Off Cells imagines different scenarios of a synesthetic journey, in which perceptual fields combine and intertwine with places of memory and incredible spaces.
It presents itself as a performance interacting with the audience and the performers and, in this environment, all our senses converge on a single complex polyphonic system.

Credits titles:
author, choreographer, performer: Sara Lupoli
consultancy & dramaturgy: Marco Izzolino
programming: Fiorenzo Dario Ramaglia
multimedia art: Matteo Vinti
music composition: Francesco Giangrande
photography: Sabrina Cirillo
production: Art Garage (Naples)
support: SCENE44, n + n Corsino (Marseille), Casa del Contemporaneo (Naples), Asilo (Naples), Körper (Naples) and PianoBe