Cie Kontamine

The Blonde and the Arab

25 March > 5 April 2019

open session: 21.02.2019 - 7pm

When two completely opposite people meet and fall in love with each other, we cannot prevent desire from existing and bonding them together.?Emmanuelle Jay and Mohammed Kouadri-Sameut, the choreographers, were inspired by Yolande Zauberman’s documentary film Would you have sex with an Arab?, which shows the nightlife of Tel Aviv’s young people in Jerusalem: Jews and Arabs, all citizens of one same country: Israel. No wall separates them. ?La Blonde et L’Arabe / The Blonde and the Arab is in line with the work of the Kontamine company.

Credits titles:
choreographers: Emmanuelle Jay, Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut
performers: Axelle Catta, Reyhan Özdilek, Emmanuelle Jay, Germain Ducros, Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut
original music: Darryl O’Donovan
music: Galbi / Soapkills & Ya Jarata / Zeidhamdan
video direction & editing: Kenza Oukhemanou
costumes & sets: Cie Kontamine
visuals: José Pazos
with the support of: Espace l’Abri Genève, La Manufacture Vendetta Mathea, Incubateur chorégraphique Aurillac, Théâtre de l’Oulle Avignon