Eric Minh Cuong Castaing & Anne-Sophie Turion - HIKU

20 January 2023
Friche Belle de Mai - Petit Plateau
from 18h to 20h (free without reservation)

As part of CHRONIQUES Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques, in partnership with PARALLELE Pratiques Artistiques Emergentes Internationales

In Japan, tens of thousands of people are withdrawing from the world to live in absolute isolation, locked in their homes for years. We call them hikikomori. For a few months, the artists immersed themselves in the life of a support association for hikikomori and established contact with some of them. In the form of a show and an audiovisual installation, HIKU creates the conditions for an impossible meeting: that of the public with those people who have experienced a radical social withdrawal. For the Chronicles Biennial, spectators are invited to discover a selection of films shot in Japan with them, the first stage of work of an exhibition that will be launched in 2024.

Conception: Eric Minh Cuong Castaing and Anne-Sophie Turion
With: Yuika Hokama, Shizuka, Mastuda, Yagi Tomohiro, Seiji Yoshida, Atsutoshi Takahashi
Scenography: Anne-Sophie Turion, Pia de Compiègne
Collaboration in Japan, mediation: Atsutoshi Takahashi
Playwright accompaniment: Elise Simonet, Marine Relinger
Translation in Japan: Tadashi Sugihara, Naoko Tanabe
Sound creation: Renaud Bajeux
General management: Virgile Capello 
Chief Operator: Victor Zebo
Camera camera first shooting: Yuji Suzuki
Assistant second shooting: Yuya Morimoto
Video editing: Lucie Brux

Created in co-production with the CHRONIQUES CREATIONS platform.
Production: company Shonen, in collaboration with the company Grandeur nature.
Co-production: SCENE44 . n + n Corsino  – European Stage of Choreographic Creation and Digital Innovation.
Partners: Villa Kujoyama (Kyoto), Association New Start Kansai (Takatsuki), Dicréam-CNC, La Fondation des artistes, Scam-Bourse brouillon d'un rêve, 3bisf (Aix-en-Provence), LaGeste (Ballets C de la B & Kabinet K) Charleroi- Danse, Centre National de la création adapté (Morlaix), Institut Français- Théâtre export, CHRONIQUES – Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques, Montévidéo, La comédie de Valence, Sasakawa Foundation, Le Groupe des 20 Ile-de-France (winner in 2021), Mille Plateaux – CCN de la Rochelle, Montévidéo, Marseille, The New Worlds Program.
Acknowledgements: Nicolas Tajan, Associate Pediatrician, Kyoto University President, International Mental Health Professionals Japan

Éric Minh Cuong Castaing, choreographer and visual artist, develops shows, performances, films or installations that cross dance and image, using technologies as new structures of perception. Associating professional dancers and amateur dancers, his inclusive projects called In Socius take shape within specific societal realities, associating institutions outside the field of art (care centers, schools, etc.).

Anne-Sophie Turion declines her appetite for the living and the visual in the form of in-situ interventions, performances, shows. From the black box to the open air, she attacks the real to orchestrate it in fiction. Using humour to capture the artifices of theatre or cinema, she creates stories with apparent mechanisms: images and scenarios are built on sight, letting real life be embedded from all sides. An augmented reality tinkered with everyday materials that goes to explore intimacy from every angle.