Christian Ubl - The Fifth Season

7 > 10 December 2020

To wear a mask is to free what we have in common, which allows us to act together... The Fifth Season will invent – on stage and in the audience space, in the form of tableaux vivants [living pictures] – a poetic fantasy of power, a masquerade of which the public is a player during a ritual to set an ephemeral scene. The subject is that of the carnival celebration, with all its excesses and immoderation in its relation to the period of Lent, which is a symbol of withdrawal. The idea is to make the audience wear a mask when they arrive, in order to immerse them in anonymity and change their behaviour, before and during the performance.
“From chaos to light, choose enlightenment in collaboration”

Credits titles:
Concept, design & choreography: Christian Ubl
In collaboration with the performers: Marion Peuta, Martin Mauriès, Bastien Lefèvre, Francesca Ziviani, Baptiste Ménard, Yoann Hourcade, Céline Debyser
Music: Romain Constant
Classical singing: Mathieu Jedrazak 
Video patch & engineering: Romain Coissard 
Vocal work, dramaturgy & artistic collaboration: Dalila Kathir
Costumes & masks design: Pierre Canitrot assisted by Ludovic Gauthier
Space design: Claudine Bertomeu
External viewpoint: Fabrice Cattalano
Lighting design: Jean-Bastien Nehr, Laurie Fouvet
Sound engineer: Jordan Dixneuf
Production: CUBe: Laurence Larcher, Pascale Cherblanc 
In’8 circle: Anne Rossignol, Lucie Julien