Augmented Space Agency / n + n Corsino

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Residency : 30 May > 4 June 2022

As part of France-Romania Cultural Year, in partnership with n + n Corsino, we were able to create the architecture of the Self Patterns application, a choreographic navigation in augmented reality (available free of charge from the App Store and Google Play since April 2019).
We are collaborating again for the software development of three new works that n + n corsino will present as part of the next Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques, from November 2022 to January 2023, at La Friche and at SCENE44 Pôle Média Belle de Mai, Marseille.
Augmented Space Agency (ASA) is a subdivision of CINETic, the International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies in Bucharest.
ASA explores the convergence between physical and virtual realities. Its two main objectives are the architecture of augmented spaces and the design of experiments by means of innovative technologies.
Their team’s activity revolves around new media, immersive, interactive and digitally augmented experiments that undergo the real-virtual continuum.
Their know-how includes a variety of XR projects: AR, VR, MR and interactive installations that offer everyone a wide range of personalized, innovative and creative solutions with the aim of facilating interactive communication with the audience.
Their mission is to create new digital connections that can positively contribute to the development of new forms of art and of communication.

Concept & choreography: n + n Corsino
3d scenographic design: Patrick Zanoli
Augmented Space Agency ASA Bucarest
Design AR app : Ciprian Facaeru 
Development AR/VR : Dan Facaeru 
Development Androïd/iOS : Sabin Serban