AI_am collective - if self = other

14th > 24th November 2016

Presentation :
The interdisciplinary collaboration AI_am explores how artificial intelligence (AI) and contemporary dance can inform and advance each other. Founded in 2013, the project brings together experts from the fields of dance, cognitive science, graphics and coding. AI_am uses various means of communication to raise questions about AI and its place in the world.
Currently, we are in the initial phase of creating a full-scale dance production that will premiere in the fall of 2017. The performance has the working title if self = other and will investigate the theme of the body and empathy as it relates to human-human interaction as well as human-AI interaction. Is the physical body exclusive to the ability to experience and express empathy? Is an AI capable of empathy? How can there be a more meaningful exchange between human and virtual bodies? How can these interactions transcend a representational mode to involve the audience in a more impactful way?

Credits titles :
choreographic research: Valencia James, Nina Kov
AI research: Alexander Berman
motion capture, rendering: Gaspar Hajdu, Gabor Papp
concept advisor: Petra Ardai
Production :
production: AI_am, with the support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee
production partners: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts (Budapest), 3:Vaningen Studio and Art Space (Gothenburg)
supporting partners: Workshop Foundation (Budapest), SCENE44 . n + n corsino (Marseille)