Actoral 21 / SCENE44  I Michaël Allibert & Jérôme Grivel - ouverture(s)


8 October 2021 : 5pm > 10pm 
9 October 2021 : 3pm > 8pm

While the obscene is etymologically that which is not shown on stage, all work that gives rise to a performance and is never shown is obscene. Starting from a reflection on the notion of enjoying, dancer Michael Allibert and artist Jérôme Grivel came to explore the potential of everything that was not qualified for monstration. By showing the stages of research, production and training, they shift the gaze to what precedes the work, and do justice to trial and error, rather than completion and power. This exploration led to a series of workshops, actions and exhibitions, some of which will be presented at actOral 2021. Among these, Workshop Activity is a time of experimentation between a body, an object and an environment; Routine(s) shows the dancers’ stretching exercises as a spectacular object; and Rest Postures shows naked bodies quietly at rest in their stillness.

Concept design: Michaël Allibert & Jérôme Grivel 
Performers: Michaël Allibert, Sigrid Bordier, Francesca Domenichini, Jérôme Grivel, Sandra Rivière, Joy Serradell 
Production: Hélène Baisecourt
Distribution: Vanessa Anheim Cristofari
Production Association Merci ! - TC/MA
Co-productions: City of Valbonne, Système Castafiore, Grasse - Multiprise, Nice
Support: City of Nice, Département of Alpes-Maritimes