3rd episode from the series Greg Beller

6th > 10th  October 2014


Recipient of IRCAM’s 5th Edition Musical Research Residency Program, 2014


Presentation :

This project merges gesture and voice through technical innovation.

Researchers, developers and performers connect to enhance the body’s language.

The Collective Memory Palace is a mnemonic technique that went out of use after the Middle Ages. A speaker could memorize a lengthy speech by distributing it into different spaces of an imaginary place. The Collective Memory Palace is the choreography brought about by two improvisers evolving within a new device : Sound Space. 

Metaphor installation, sound sculpture, this place offers the public a prospect to call upon another’s memory.


Credits titles : 

concept & Design : Greg Beller

performers : Richard Dubelski and Jean Charles Gaume
video Design : Yann Philipe

developers : Yann Philipe, Greg Beller
associated developers : Jules Françoise, Samuel Toulouse
hardware developer : Emmanuel Flety
associated artist : Norbert Godon

Partners : 

production: Synekine Project, Formes Elémentaires, SCENE44
partners: IRCAM-CNRS, Scene 44, Ubris Studio, LMA-CNRS, GMEM
residencies of production: IRCAM PRRM 2014 Paris, SCENE44 • n + n  Corsino Marseille