3rd episode from the series Greg Beller

Synekine project - Collective memory palace

6th > 10th  October 2014

Recipient of IRCAM’s 5th Edition Musical Research Residency Program, 2014

This project merges gesture and voice through technical innovation.
Researchers, developers and performers connect to enhance the body’s language.
The Collective Memory Palace is a mnemonic technique that went out of use after the Middle Ages. A speaker could memorize a lengthy speech by distributing it into different spaces of an imaginary place. The Collective Memory Palace is the choreography brought about by two improvisers evolving within a new device : Sound Space. 
Metaphor installation, sound sculpture, this place offers the public a prospect to call upon another’s memory.

Credits titles: 
concept & Design: Greg Beller
performers: Richard Dubelski and Jean Charles Gaume
video Design: Yann Philipe
developers: Yann Philipe, Greg Beller
associated developers: Jules Françoise, Samuel Toulouse
hardware developer: Emmanuel Flety
associated artist: Norbert Godon

production: Synekine Project, Formes Elémentaires, SCENE44
partners: IRCAM-CNRS, Scene 44, Ubris Studio, LMA-CNRS, GMEM
residencies of production: IRCAM PRRM 2014 Paris, SCENE44 • n + n  Corsino Marseille