Open Session SCENE44 . n + n Corsino

4 . 4 . 2019 7pm

Like an inverted kaleidoscope, a collective portrait is implicitly drawn from different stories. The barriers built by education, customs, and political stakes disappear before the desire felt by each individual. The desire between people goes beyond the notions of territory or at least weaves them differently and in the face of desire we are all equal and imposed prohibitions, conscious or not, fall…
Filmed sequences alternate with danced scenes.

Credits titles:
Choreographers: Emmanuelle Jay, Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut
Performers: Axelle Catta, Reyhan Özdilek, Emmanuelle Jay, Germain Ducros, Mohamed Kouadri-Sameut
Original music: Darryl O’Donovan
Music: Galbi / Soapkills & Ya Jarata / Zeidhamdan
Video direction & editing: Kenza Oukhemanou
Costumes & sets: Cie Kontamine
Visuals: José Pazos