SCENE44 / UBL / COLINE - in our hands

22 & 23 November 2023 7pm

in our hands
Choreographic creation by Christian Ubl for Coline professional training of the dancer and performer


After Tabula rasa (2019), then Der Lauf Der Dinge (2022), choreographer Christian Ubl offers a new creation for the Coline 2022-2024 session, after 3 intensive weeks of work at the Maison de la Danse in Istres. Coline's group of 13 dancers is joined by 2 students from the Latvian Academy of Culture (Riga - Latvia).

"The Issue of this new original work for Coline is to discover a rich fulfilling playground, a strange and poetic working process.
Taking the body as an entity able to produce emotions to create IN OUR HANDS with and for this  group of young artists.
They will approach with an inclusive way, an ecological transition, the vanishing of an ancient thought and with an overwhelming feeling of love.
The power of our hands is being distilled in various signs and gestures while activating the torsos ( torsoes), it starts the beginning of a theatrical language.
In a musical world mixing pop, classical and electronic musics the young dancers are experiencing their sense of revolt and their faculty to listen to.

Christian UBL - October 2023

Choreography: Christian Ubl
Coline Dancers session 22-24: Bilal Alami Badissi, Joffrey Bardot, Hippolyte Desneux, Pénélope Estevez Perera, Cassandre Guerdat, Isaë Lecarpentier, Juliette Peyronnaud, Yuma Pochet, Thaïs Robin, Noah Deneulin- Rolland, Matéo Souillard, Lilian Taillard, Anaëlle Thiery
Dita Anderson
et Lelde Beāte Kuzņecova, dancers students from Latvian Academy of Culture (Riga - Lettonie)
Lights: Yvan Guacoin
Photo: M.Barret-Pigache
Production : Coline, in partnership with SCENE44. n + n Corsino

Coline is a professional training for dancers in contemporary dance, and is based at the Maison de la danse in Istres. Coline offers a full time 2 years course and is aiming to guide 12 / 14 dancers towards a professional career. It gives a major place to artistic commitment, to creation and repertory work by inviting guest choreographers to share the experiment of creating new pieces or repertory works through stage experiences.
Coline develops technical abilities of the dancers as well as their artistic skills and potentials by confronting them to the realities of the professional dance world – especially - through pedagogical actions related to contemporary pieces from the guest choreographers by leading workshops with young publics mainly from schools.
Coline prepares for DP2i certification (Danseur Professionnel Interprète / Intervenant).
Transmission/creation projects 2022/2024 : Hervé Robbe / Danse de 16 - repertoire - January 23 Théâtre de l’Olivier Istres, Dominique Bagouet / Jours Étranges (transmission Catherine Legrand) repertoire – May 23 Théâtre La Colonne Miramas / Alban Richard / Life is better at the beach – creation - June 23 KLAP Maison pour la danse Marseille, Christian Ubl / IN OURS HANDS - creation – SCENE44. n+n Corsino Marseille (November 23), / Joanne Leighton Traces - creation February 23 – Théâtre de Fos/Mer & ZEF scène nationale de Marseille, Thomas Lebrun creation march 23 – Les Salins, scène nationale de Martigues.

Coline Staff
Bernadette Tripier /
Artistic and pedagogical Direction
Clélia Jouteau / projects and development Direction
President / Marie Godfrin Guidicelli
Coline is subsdized by the City of Istres, the  Région SUD, the Council Départemental of the Bouches-du-Rhône , the Ministery of Culture DRAC PACA Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
Coline has the support of  Fondation CLÉO Thiberge Edrom under the aegis of the Fondation de France.