SCENE44 . n + n corsino - DON'T STOP THE DANCE

21 June - 10 July 2021

SCENE44 expands its programme of residencies and gives it a festival character, from June 21 to July 10, 2021, within the framework of the French Ministry of Culture's Recovery Plan. 
This residency programme develops interdisciplinary orientations in the stimulating setting of a creative platform that also becomes a place of experimentation based on the attractiveness of the local players involved in creative activities in the area. This research into real-life objects gives choreographic creation its tangible, material dimension.
Advocating the values of diversity, lateral thinking, questioning, imagination, exchange, artistic connection and research, we contribute to taking into account real-life objects in order to facilitate artistic creation, within the framework of a more united and collaborative cultural economy.
Through residencies of artists and researchers, SCENE44 is becoming a cultural cluster that promotes the relationship between artistic creation, research and digital innovation. It is also a centre for shared experimentation between artists. A major network between cultural and scientific partners is implemented. 
SCENE44 proposes:
transfer of process and analysis skills,
exchange of know-how in production,
technical and human support for the artistic project until its completion.
n + n Corsino



co EN PHASE - récidive
Miguel Nosibor / Tayeb Benamara

Revisited and calligraphed hip-hop dance
As a pioneer of hip-hop dance in France, I feel like a “go-between” guide to this culture, and I promote the values of respect, of doing things together, sharing and listening.
For the past 20 years, my work in transmitting and raising awareness of hip-hop dance in the field – with young children, teenagers and adults, in all kinds of environments – has inspired and nourished my creative work. 
For me, one cannot go without the other. 
M. Nosibor 
For this return to the world of hip-hop, Miguel Nosibor will be accompanied by Tayeb Benamara, dancer and calligrapher. A digital calligraphy will punctuate the movements of the two dancers with images and will give them an abstract signature like a cartographic essence of this street dance.

FLUXO - an encounter with water
Luciana Galliano / Davide Quadrio / Alessandro Sciarroni

FLUXO is an original new work directed by Alessandro Sciarroni (Golden Lion, Venice Dance Biennale 2019) that deals with the poetic power of water, as a constant, essential factor of life and as an element of urgent relevance in the Mediterranean maritime space: a multiplier of desire, a place of life and hope, a place of death and annihilation, a theatre of socio-anthropological dramas. 
With a mischievous nod to the pre-Fluxus artistic period, this creation puts into perspective a version of Mauricio Kagel’s musical work Mare Nostrum, a dystopian fable that humorously recounts the discovery, pacification and conversion of the Mediterranean region by a tribe from Amazonia. A sea that has never ceased to be a movement of ebb and flow between East and West, and between the peoples of its southern and northern shores.


collective SKALEN - d'une rive à l'autre
Michèle Ricozzi

This project consists of a dance performance and an installation that will be presented at the end of July 2021 in the Salle des Rotatives (rotary printing press room) of La Marseillaise newspaper before they disappear. 
The film Le Rendez Vous des Quais by Paul Carpita is an element of inspiration and a historical reference.
Archival images alternate with contemporary musical and visual elements that link together the worlds of yesterday and today. 
The sound creation integrates the political statements of a period of struggle of the workers of that time, including dockers, and is built on the basis of the key moments of the film. 
To assist this multi-performance creation designed for a mobile audience, SCENE44 will help them explore the scenographic capacities of this multiform work.