SCENE44 I Festival de Marseille I Colette Sadler - THE VIOLET HOUR + ARK 1

24 > 29 June 2024

Creative residency: 24 > 29 June 2024
Event : 28 June 2024 - 16h30 Reservations:



Futuristic machines, 3D images, spatialized sounds, amplified voices… Colette Sadler invents a new choreographic language to evoke the current world and a speculative post-apocalyptic future, with the hybridization of technology and humans as its DNA. Destabilizing for the one, fascinating for the others, his researches make dialogue the body, the object and the spirit in an indefinite temporality. Enough to blur our bearings…

Since 2016, the Berlin-based Scottish artist has been developing a body of multidisciplinary works that explore the themes of speculative futures and post-humanism. And, at a time of upheaval caused by artificial intelligence and the ecological crisis, she stages the performative installation ARK 1 – the name of her spacecraft – where video, the sound environment and text resonate. Where the body of Leah Marojević interacts with the science fiction narrative; where the live dimension acts the survival of the human presence despite the degradation of ecosystems and the depletion of the earth’s resources. Unless this is already a distant memory… After Learning from the Future, which deconstructed the very matter of an almost robotic body, The Making of Doubt, I not I or Strange Garden for young audiences – all titles representative of his subjects of reflection – Colette Sadler deepens her unique style with this ARK 1 solo. Invited to the Marseille Festival to prepare a new project entitled The Violet Hour, she will unveil a sequence, a «work in progress», always in the company of the dancer and performer Leah Marojević with the hypnotic presence, and Marseille-based sound designer Samir Kennedy.

In partnership with SCENE44
The Violet Hour creative residency is supported by the British Council as part of the UK/France Spotlight on Culture 2024 Imagining Together

duration: 20’

Artistic direction, installation, video, text and choreography: Colette Sadler
Video design: Mikko Gaestel
3D animation and design: Alexander Pannier
Performance: Leah Marojevic
Sound: Heiko Tubbesing, Mikko Gaestel and Samir Kennedy
Video voice-over: Alicia Matthews
Costume design: Colette Sadler and Theo Clinkard
Management: Catherine Launay

Funded by: Nationale Performance Netz “Stepping Out” Fund, funded by the Federal Gover
Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR, Assistance Program for Dance.With additional investment from CREATIVE SCOTLAND open fund.
Residencies supported by The Work Room Glasgow, Tanzhaus NRW and Fabrik Potsdam.
Produced by: Tanz im August International


duration: 35’

The Violet Hour creative residency is supported by the British Council as part of the UK/France Spotlight on Culture 2024 Imagining Together

Artistic direction and choreography: Colette Sadler
Performance: Leah Marojevic
Sound creation: Samir Kennedy
Production: Feral Arts