Residency SRocio Berenguer / Marja Christians - ERGONOMICS

11th > 21st September 2017

The fiction developed in the choreographic creation Ergonomics is centred on the current characteristics of the urban body, in order to propose intelligent solutions for the body of the future. It asks: what adaptations and uses of the body are planned for the smart city of the future?
The Ergonomics team is disguised as an innovative and fictional company.
This confusion between fiction and reality questions new marketing strategies and diverts the discourse of start-ups on innovation in the corporate world.

Credits titles:
Direction, author, choreographer & interpreter: Rocio Berenguer, Marja Christians
Staged, performer: Marja Christians
Cameraman, performer: Nayan Ducruet
Research, performer: Ignacio Avellino
Research: Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Elise Pringent
Graphics: Gregoire Belot
Sound design / vidéo Smartbody: Cubenx
Technical production: Sylvain Delbart, Leopold Frey
Collaboration: Frédéric Bechet, Benoît Favre, Marc-Williams Debono, Isabel Schwenk, Lucie Brochard, Franck Renucci, Mathilde Ramadier