Residency SCENE44 I co Trucmuche Michaël Allibert - Peau Monde

13 > 17 March 2023

The theatre stage is a place of Utopian experience, because it is not real, or at least it is located in a place between reality and fiction: a heterotopia (a concept developed by Michel Foucault).
Theatre as the physical location of Utopia where one can unfold the world, invent new modes of existence, new norms, new rules, ways of sharing power. A place where one is allowed to propose disorders as counter-examples, forbidden imaginations, sidewalk beauties, or “liveable lives” (a concept developed by Judith Butler).
And then on the set, there are bodies.
Bodies surrounded by a skin that acts as a filter through which external information reaches us, a sensitive, porous border between the environment and the other “living things” or objects that populate it.

Design: Michaël Allibert
Performers authors: Joël Assebako, Karel Kouelany, Sandra Rivière, Joy Serradell
Sound design: Jérôme Grivel
Lighting: Laurence Halloy
External expert observers: Bill Kouelany, Joëlle Vellet
Production: Hélène Baisecourt
Dissemination: Vanessa Anheim
Partners: Studio Thor. Cie Thor / Thierry Smits – Brussels. Ateliers Sahm – Brazzaville (Congo). Montévidéo – Marseille. 109 – Nice. Entre-Pont – Nice. SCENE44. n+n corsino – Marseille. L'L*Chercher autrement en arts vivants – Brussels. Système Castafiore – Grasse. Ville de Nice & Département of Alpes-Maritimes, France (production in progress)